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Ongoing price information by e-mail

The current GRUBER Electric price list bears the label "2023.1.1".
If you have not yet received it by e-mail, you are not on the list for automatic dispatch.
If you wish to receive all price information by e-mail, please send us a short mail. Contact-Link

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Merry Christmas
wishes you
Your GRUBER Team

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Modificated List Prices

Everything is increasing this year, unfortunately both raw material prices and delivery times.
For transformers we use unchanged prices, but a raw material surcharge will be charged according to the price increases.
Please see our adjusted prices with June 01st, 2021.

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Conta-Clip: Easy wiring with KDS-FB

With our product KDS-FB, we offer the appropriate cable entry system especially for flat cables used in crane systems, industrial trucks or elevators for example. A reinforced frame, the moulded-in frame gasket and the absolute tightness of the seals guarantee IP66 protection and strain relief in accordance with DIN EN 62444.

Conta-Clip CableEntrySystem


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NEW for YOU - GRUBER Electric

All Produtcs from Conta-Clip

We take care of everything in your switchgear cabinet.

CONTA-CONNECT for terminal blocks and accessories
CONTA-CABLE for cable management systems
CONTA-ELECTRONICS for electrical and electronic switchgear cabinet components
CONTA-LABEL for marking systems
CONTA-BOX for housings
CONTA-CON for PCB terminal blocks and connectors

Conta-Clip Products


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To provide a complete harsh environment power supply product, MEAN WELL has released new HEP-1000-W series. The difference between this series and the previous HEP-1000 product lines in that the input and output adopt the waterproof wires, meeting the IP67 standard. The specifications allow this power product to be used in outdoor equipment or high humidity/high dust environments, such as 4G/5G communication equipment, laser machines, and charging related products.

For more information, please refer to: Mean Well

or from GRUBER Electric Ges.m.b.H, authorized distributor in Austria and Germany http://www.gruber-electric.com


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Merry Christmas
wishes you
Your GRUBER Team

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Custom-made traffic lights
With the push of a button you set the current security color. Easy to assemble, ready to use.
An AUSTRIAN quality product!
Made in Austria.
Only at Gruber Electric

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XLG constant power design LED driver
The new constant power design of these LED drivers for constant current applications offers significant benefits such as
  • Compensation of forward voltage based on thermal changes
  • Space savings of up to 50% compared to conventional LED drivers
  • Increased surge resistance
  • Reduces storage costs due to its universal applicability

Would you like to learn more? Click

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ICL-16 Inrush Current Limiter
The ICL-16 is intended to control the inrush current of capacitive loads, like it occurs on switching power supplies. This makes it possible to increase the number of power supplies on one circuit breaker, or to use a more sensitive line protection for the same number. Thanks to the combination of NTC and bypass relays, up to 5 switching cycles per minute can be realized here, depending on the respective power supply.
  • Erhältlich für DIN-Schienenmontage oder Oberflächenmontage
  • Nennstrom 16A, Stromstoß bis 23A
  • integrierter Übertemperaturschutz
  • bis zu 5 Schaltzyklen pro Minute (siehe Datenblatt)

Fact sheet: ICL

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ATV Switchboard Ventilation
The switchboard filter fans of the ATV series impress with their innovative design and functionality. Thanks to the Quick-Lock system, single items, like filter or ventilator, can be replaced quickly. Saves your time and your money. The best choice for assembly, replacing the filter mats, changing the air flow direction, the electrical connection, or the mounting of complete fans.
Everything works with one click!

ATV1 114x114mm 26m³/h
ATV2 150x150mm 58m³/h
ATV3 204x204mm 115m³/h
ATV4 250x250mm 125m³/h – 410m³/h
ATV5 325x325mm 550m³/h – 700m³/h

See more ATV

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300W Constant Power LED Driver

• Wide input range 100...305Vac
• Constant power mode
• Adjustable output current
• Built-in active PFC function
• High Efficiency up to 94,5%
• Dimming functions with 3 in 1, DALI and smart timer
• Protections: short circuit, over voltage, over temperature
• Surge protection 6kV / 4kV
• Dimensions 246*77*39,5mm
• 5 years warranty

ELG-300 ELGC-300

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Insulators for busbars

RINS-25 25x30 M6

RINS-35 35x32 M8

RINS-51 51x36 M8

RINS-76 76x50 M10

More infos: office@gruber-electric.at

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MEAN WELL DDR-15/30/60
DC/DC Converter

• wide input range 4:1
• -40..+85°C wide operating temperature range
• Fanless design
• High efficiency up to 92%
• Output voltage adjustable (±10%)
• Protections: short circuit/overload/over voltage
• Input protection: input reverse polarity/input under voltage
• 4KVdc IP-OP isolation (reinforced isolation)
• LED power indicatore
• DIN rail mounting
• CE / EAC safety approval
• Ultra slim, dimensions 1/2/3 SU wide
• 3 years warranty

DDR-15 DDR-30 DDR-60

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15W/20W High Density AC/DC Medical Grade Power Supply

• High density and compact size
• 2*MOPP Level, super low leakage current <80µA, suitable for BF "Body Floating"
• No load power consumption <0.075W (0.09W for 3.3V)
• Wide operating temperature range -40..+85°C
• Protections: short circuit/overload/overvoltage/overtemp.
• EMI Class B with no more extra component for Class II configuration
• 5000 meters operating altitude
• CB/TUV/UL (IEC60601-1, EN60601-1, ANSI/AAMI ES60601-1)
• No requirement for minimum load
• 3 years warranty

Learn more:
MFM-15 MFM-20
MPM-15 MPM-20

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KNX / DALI Gateway

• KNX proof gateway
• Easy configuration & installation
• Connect up to 64 DALI drivers
• Built-in DALI power supply
• LCD 2x12 display
• Lighting control via the button
• Lighting control via the integrated web server
• Up to 16 DALI lighting groups setting
• Up to 16 DALI scenes setting
• 3 year warranty

Learn more: KDA-64

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150W Class II, Constant Current Output LED Driver with PFC

• Metal housing with functional Ground
• Class II design
• Constant current output
• Build-in aktive PFC (Power Factor Control)
• No load / standby power consumption <0,5W
• IP67 / IP65 rating for indoor or outdoor installations
• Function options: output adjustable via potentiometer
• 3 in 1 dimming: dim-to-off, smart timer dim, DALI Bus
• Dimensions 219*63*35mm
• 5 Jahre Mean Well warranty

Learn more: ELGT-150-C

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65W Flicker Free Constant Current Output LED Driver (with PFC)

• 185-295VAC full range input
• Flicker free design
• Class II design, no F.G.
• Built-in active PFC function (P.F>0.9)
DALI control technology(DA-Type models only)
• No load power consumption: Blank-Type < 0.5W
• Working temperature—IDLC:-20..+85°C
• Protections: Short circuit
• UL/CUL/ENEC/CB/CCC/CE certificated
• Dimension IDLC 130*75*25mm
• 3 years warranty

Learn more: IDLC-65(DA) IDPC-65(DA) ODLC-65(DA)

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25W Flicker Free Constant Current Output LED Driver (with PFC)

• 90-265VAC full range input
• Flicker free design
• Class II design, no F.G.
• Built-in active PFC function (P.F>0.9)
• Built-in 2 in 1 dimming function (0~10VDC or PWM signal)
• Built-in 12V/50mA auxiliary output (A-Type)
• No load power consumption: Blank-Type < 0.5W, A-Type <1.2W
• Working temperature—IDLC:-20..+90°C
• Protections: Short circuit
• UL/CUL/ENEC/CB/CCC/CE certificated
• Dimension IDLC 110*75*22mm
• 3 years warranty

Learn more: IDLC-25 IDPC-25

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HDR-100 Series 100W
Ultra Slim Step Shape DIN Rail Power Supply

• Compact size, 54,5mm width
• 85~264VAC input
• DC output voltage adjustable (±10%)
• Low no load power consumption<0.3W
• High efficiency up to 90%
• Class II isolation
• Protections: Short circuit/Overload/Over voltage
• LED indicator

Learn more: HDR-100

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Fair News: GR1-H0A
Digital and analogue Operation Module with optical feedback

Learn more: GR1-H0A-10V

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MEAN WELL on the Hannover Messe 2017
Visit us in Halle 11 E49


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MEAN WELL HLG-480H(-C) Series
480W High Performance LED Driver with PFC

• 90-305VAC full range input
• HLG-480H:C.V. + C.C.; HLG-480H-C:C.C. output mode
• Built-in active PFC function
• High efficiency up to 95%
• Working temperature: -40...+90℃ (case temperature)
• IP67/IP65 rated
• Fanless design, cooling by free air convection
• Protections:
Short circuit/Over current(HLG-480H only)/Over voltage/Over temperature
• Comply with harmonic current limit per EN61000-3-2 Class C (≧50% load)
• Type “HL” for use in Class I, Div. 2 hazardous (Classified) location luminaires
• 7 years warranty

Learn more: HLG-480H HLG-480H-C

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MEAN WELL    TDR-480 Series
480W Ultra Slim 3-phase DIN Rail Power Supply (with PFC)

• Three-phase 340~550VAC wide input range
• 85.5mm ultra slim design
• Built-in active power factor correction function (PFC)
• High efficiency up to 93%
• Output voltage adjustable (±10%)
• Optional DC OK relay contact
• Fanless design, cooling by free air convection
• Protections:
   Short circuit / Overload / Over voltage / Over temperature
• LED indication
• Dimension 85,5*125,2*128.5 mm

Learn more: TDR-480

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HDR-15/30/60 Series 15~60W
Ultra Slim Step Shape DIN Rail Power Supply

• Compact size with 1-3 17,5mm width
• 85~264VAC input
• DC output voltage adjustable (±10%)
• Low no load power consumption<0.3W
• High efficiency up to 91%
• Class II isolation
• Protections: Short circuit/Overload/Over voltage
• LED indicator

Learn more: HDR-15 HDR-30 HDR-60

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Air Conditioning
Cooling units for switchboards
350 to 2000W starting with EURO 480,00!!!

• Dual-circuit cooling system
• Supply 230V, 115V, oder 400V
• Integrated, adjustable thermostat
• Compact size, side mounting
• Colour RAL 7035
• Protection degree IP54
• Cooling gas R134a 0,2kg to 0,5kg

Product Spec: Klima Allgemein
AVC-035 AVC-085 AVC-145 AVC-200

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Medical Power Supply MOPP with 300W

• 90-264Vac input
• Ultra low no load power consumption <0.5W
• Built-in active PFC function
• Highest efficiency up to 93%
• Complete protection functions: Short circuit/
  Overload/Over voltage/Over temperature
• Class I (with FG) configuration, EMI Class B
• Approved for UL/CUL/TUV/CB/CE
• Metal case 130*86,6*43mm

Product Spec: RPS-300

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ELG Family NOW with 200W and 240W

• 100-305Vac input
• Const. voltage or const. current output
• 3 in 1 dimming
• Programable smart timer dimming
• DALI Bus communication
• PFC control
• High efficiency up to 93%
• Metal case 244*71*35.5mm

Product Spec: ELG-200-C ELG-200 ELG-240-C ELG-240

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EIB/KNX Power Supply

• with built-in integrated choke
• Compact size with 3SU(52.5mm)width
• 180~264VAC input
• Low no load power consumption<0.5W
• 200ms mains failure back-up time
• Button for bus reset
• Class I isolation
• Protections: Short circuit/Overload/Over voltage
• LED indicator

Learn more: Product Spec

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Guild Master Kandioler visited GRUBER Electric Gmbh
Guild Master Ing. Andreas Kandioler (Austrian Economic Chambers) visited the new location of the GRUBER Electric Ges.m.b.H and conveyed the best wishes of the guild for Mechatronics.

Austrian Economic Chambers

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New Location
After several years in Vienna, we moved to our new location
A-2542 Kottingbrunn, Industriestrasse 4
Come and see!


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The comprehensive product range of the A-61xx series,
provides maximum flexibility in many application areas.

Your benefits:
  • Easy programming by FBD or LD
  • Processing up to 1000 IO's over RS485
  • Free programmable display
  • Free Software

  • Learn more: data sheet

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    100 Jahre Ampeln
    Die Ampel feiert Geburtstag

    Vor 100 Jahren, am 5. August 1914, wurde in Cleveland (USA) die erste elektrische Verkehrsampel in Betrieb genommen.
    Die erste Ampel in Wien wurde 1926 an der Opernkreuzung in Betrieb genommen.
    Aktuell gibt es in Wien 1.250 Lichtsignalanlagen.

    LINK: Zu den Produkten

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    Wireless Control

    Light, air, climate or other applications
    EXTA Free offers a beneficial solution for
    wireless controlling at Home Automation

  • Coded transmission frequency 868MHz
  • Wall- Flush- or DIN-Rail mounting
  • Free selection of programmable Transmitter
    (Switches, remote control, Sensors, GSM)

  • For detailed Information send your request to

    Newspicture Gruber


    We supply signals with 1, 2 or 3 chambers and a lens diameter of 100-300 mm.

  • FUTURLED3 - 210 and 300mm (new generation LEDs)
  • Signal light STANDARD 100 mm
  • Signal light STANDARD 210 and 300 mm
  • Signal light MONDIAL 210 and 300 mm
  • Pedestrian traffic light STANDARD

  • Please contact us for more information.


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    LED Signal indicator lamp (GR-LED-10)
    OPTION: C, to connect through Minus (Neutral)
    WIRING: on screw clamp
    FEED-IN: 24VDC/VAC oder 230VAC
    COLOURS: Amber,Blue,Green,Red,White,Yellow,Red-Green
    DIMENSIONS: LED 5mm, drill diameter=8mm, chrome calotte 10mm

    Product-group: LED Signal indicator lamp

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    New Relais GR1W and GR2W
  • These relays fit into all usual sockets with 5mm raster (GTZ80 oder ES50)
  • Feed-In: 24Vdc | 24Vac | 230Vac

  • > GR1W: 1 Contact(Umschalter) for max. 16A AC1
    > GR2W: 2 Contact(Umschalter) for max. 8A AC1
  • CE conformal and UL-CSA certified

  • Product-group: GRUBER Relais

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    Santerno Inverter
    For Power from 4kW – 637kW
    max motor current 10A – 375A
    PID controller, 5 digital and 2 analog inputs
    2 dig. and 1 analog Output
    EMC class 2 (Industry)
    type of protection: IP40, Option: IP54
    200 - 500V AC operating voltage
    Input frequency 50 - 60 Hz

    Further informations: Infos

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